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Steps - counting, synchronization, scoring

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Modified on: Tue, 4 Apr, 2023 at 4:23 PM

Activy's challenges are for many the first step in starting a healthy, active lifestyle. Often it is simply a regular dose of exercise measured in steps taken daily. Recommendations from health promotion organizations often mention 7,500 steps per day.

Activy's challenges from 2023 include taking steps. It's a much better way to record your walks in fun with GPS. It doesn't require you to take your phone out of your pocket and doesn't drain your battery as much. It also counts walks in buildings, such as shopping in a large mall. 

Check the rules of your challenge; step counting is not scored in every challenge.


The Activy app does not count steps, it only retrieves them from external sources.

In order for the steps to appear in the Activy app, you must sync one of the following apps:

  • Google Fit - the best solution for Android phones

  • Apple Health - the best solution for iPhones

  • Or if you have a sports watch:

  • Polar Flow

  • Garmin Connect

What is Google Fit and Apple Health?

Google Fit and Apple Health are apps for monitoring and managing health and physical activity on Android and iOS mobile devices. They are platforms that allow users to integrate and analyze data from various sources, such as a step, heart rate or calorie tracker, to help users track their physical activity progress and achieve their health goals.

Most smartphones have Google Fit already installed on the device. In case your device doesn't have the app, just head to the Google Play store, where you can download the app for free. Once installed, just connect it to your Google account and enjoy the full range of functionality.

How to sync Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin Connect or Polar Flow with Activy?

  1. Open the Activy app and go to Settings -> integrations -> uploading step 

  2. Select the appropriate app (Apple Health, Google Fit, Polar, Garmin)

  3. Enable the synchronization option and accept the required permissions.

  4. Once the selected app is connected to Activy, steps will be automatically saved in Activy.

Warning! Make sure to turn on activity monitoring in the Google Fit app. This is essential for step counting.

  1. Go to the settings icon in the upper right corner

  2. Then check the Monitor activity option

  3. From now on, Google Fit will count your steps

Remember, you can only choose one app to synchronize steps.

Will Activy pull data from Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow in real time?

Steps are sent to Activa every time you open the app. The app receives data from the last 3 days. To make sure your steps have synced, click the refresh icon on the home screen. Remember to keep the steps from your watches synchronized via Bluetooth connection to your phone. 

When activating the Activy app, steps from only 3 days - the current day and the two days before - will sync. That's why it's a good idea to look into the challenge in the app. If Activy has not been turned on by you for 4 days, the steps for the fourth day will not be uploaded. This allows you to keep track of the rankings and avoid the situation where users suddenly integrate steps for 30 days back.

Can I sync steps from sports bands or other sports watches?

Yes, you can use most of the available sports bands, sports watches or smartwatches. Connect these devices (such as a Xiaomi wristband) to Google FIT or Apple Health. Owners of Garmin or Polar watches, on the other hand, can connect them directly to Activy.

2. Scoring

How do I get points for steps?

It depends on the rules of your challenge, which you can check in the app. On the other hand, in most challenges the rules are similar. 

  • For every 1,000 steps you get 6 points

  • Bonus for the goal of 7,500 steps - 10 points, if you reach this ceiling (it is possible that in your challenge there is another one), once a day you will receive 10 points

  • Limit: 100 points - in some challenges a daily limit is included, any further points for steps above the limit will not be charged.

Will the steps duplicate the activities on the feet?

It is known that when we run or walk - we take steps. Regardless of whether we record the route with GPS or not. In order not to duplicate points for steps and leg activity in the combined ranking, the app will continuously select points from the category in which the score is more favorable to you. 

Example 1: In the on-legs category I have a total of 70 points, in the steps category I have 60 points, the combined ranking will add points from the on-legs category - 70 points.

Example 2: In the on-feet category I have a total of 40 points, in the steps category I have 50 points, in the combined ranking will be added points from the steps category - 50 points.

So if you record your run, and at the same time from another app your steps count, in both rankings you will see the points earned. On the other hand, in the combined ranking they will be added, from the category in which you have more of them.

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