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Why did my activity not receive points?

Created by: Activy Pomoc

Modified on: Thu, 15 Jul, 2021 at 2:31 PM

Occasionally, after completing an activity, you may notice that you did not receive any points for it. This may be caused by several issues, and it is very rarely an application error.

1. Activity is being synchronized - if at the time of ending the route you have a poor Internet connection or our servers are overloaded, sending the activity to the system may take up to about an hour. You don't have to do anything. As soon as possible the route will be entered in our system and the points will be granted.

2. Points are not awarded in the challenge - there are some Activy challenges in which rankings are made only on the basis of the number of kilometers traveled. Then there is no need to award additional points. To make sure that your competition has scoring enabled, just check the rules of the challenge (challenge view -> "three horizontal lines" in the upper left corner -> "rules"). You can also check it by clicking on the score under a given route - you will see the information that the kilometer conversion is "1 km = 0 points".

3.The activity was too short - if your bike ride or run / walk did not exceed 1.5 km or your exercises were shorter than 10 minutes, points will not be awarded. These limits are the same in all challenges.

4. Activity is a duplicate - if you have simultaneously saved the route in Activy and in the connected device (on Strava or a watch), it enters into our system twice. Only one of the routes completed at any given time is scored points, the other is marked as duplicate and reset to zero. Remember that if synchronization with an external device is active, you do not need to save routes in Activy anymore. This way you can avoid duplicating your activities. 

Additionally, for the "exercise" category:

5.Activity "exercise" was done less than 30 minutes after the end of the previous one - if you want to earn "exercise" points, you must wait 30 minutes from any previous in-app training (including running or cycling). If the pause is not kept, the activity will be scored 0 points.

6. Too Much “Exercise” During the Day - You can only earn points for a certain amount of exercise during the day. If, according to the rules of your competition, only the first two such activities are rewarded during the day, you will not get any points for the third. This will happen even if one of the first two activities received 0 points for other reasons.

These are the most common reasons your route may have missed a score, but this is not an exhaustive list. If your route has not earned points and none of the above scenarios apply to you, dont hesitate to contact us. Together, we will definitely find the cause of the problem and - if possible - recover the lost points.

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