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Basic rules of scoring points

Created by: Activy Pomoc

Modified on: Tue, 8 Sep, 2020 at 11:42 AM

Apart from the passion for activity, that differentiates us from other sport’s apps, we like to point out that we award our users with points for performing the activity. However, these points are not only awarded for kilometres. In our wellbeing challenges, points can be earned for:

  • each activity longer than 1,5 km
  • each activity to and from work
  • persistance (streaks) - 3 days = 50 points, 5 days = 100 points, 8 days = 200 points, 13 days = 400 points and 21 days = 900 points
  • every kilometre covered 

The number of points awarded for each of the above-mentioned gains depends on the competition and the decisions made by its organizer.

Additional information:

  1. The points will count only during an ongoing edition of the contest. Before it starts (for example, in the warm-up) the rides will not result in gaining points
  2. In order to gain points for the ride, at least 30 minutes must pass since its completion. No need to wait  through - the points for kilometres are always awarded
  3. Points for a streak are awarded during the ongoing edition of the contest. After the edition ends, you need to build your streak from the beginning
  4. In order for the ride points to count for the particular edition of the contest, it needs to be completed before its end, before 11:59pm. Routes uploaded from GPS devices to the Strava app, that’s connected to Activy, should be imported before the edition ends. We highly recommend not to wait till the last minute, as the synchronization might take a while.

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